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Active water oscillation ring

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Water treatment with the Merus Ring, without chemicals and against limescale, corrosion and biofilm in pipes and systems.

Installing a Merus Ring around a pipe substantially improves the solubility of foreign substances in the water, thus reducing limescale, corrosion and biofilm in the vessel’s system.  Using oscillation, the Merus Ring does not need to rely on chemicals and, therefore, is ideal for water treatment in environmentally sensitive areas.

Oscillations are transmitted into the fluid through the pipe – thus “interfering” with the natural oscillation of the fluid to increase the solubility of substances soluble in water and discourage the build-up of sediment and chemicals. Foreign substances are simply rinsed out with the water instead of potentially blocking pipes and valves.

The Merus Ring is made of aluminum that is treated in a special process.  Once placed around the water pipe, it transmits its active oscillation to the water.  This increases the solubility of substances soluble in water.  Existing deposits are gradually removed.  New foreign substances are also simply rinsed out.  After some time, the pipes and technical equipment are clean again.

From the deserts to the cold north, from drinking water to crude oil, onshore and offshore – Merus Rings are doing excellent work in all areas.

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Merus® Ring Active water oscillation ring
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