Survival services

Dedication to service

At NovaMarine we specialise in safety and survival equipment. Our wide range of products will ensure your safety while you are out at sea. NovaMarine supply and maintain personal survival and safety equipment including a range of life vests, pyrotechnics, life rafts, flares and much more.

All survival equipment needs to be checked and serviced at scheduled intervals to extend their life, but especially yours. NovaMarine can help schedule the routine maintenance and servicing of your equipment with skilled technicians conducting detailed examinations. Our survival services are a vital resource for your safety.


Sales, servicing and repairs

NovaMarine specialises in the refurbishing and servicing of lifeboats, inflatable boats, davits and fast rescue craft. Our engineers have been trained internationally to various lifeboat and davit manufacturers’ specifications to ensure that we offer you the highest quality in repairs.

Our technicians are available 24/7/365 at short notice to ensure an efficient and professional service throughout Africa. As approved, multi-skilled and knowledgeable technicians, our team can service a wide range of equipment to reduce your need to call on multiple support systems for servicing and support.

Qualified and experienced

We supply, maintain
and service the following equipment

  • Lifeboats
  • Inflatable rescue boats
  • Rigid rescue boats / fast rescue craft
  • Work boats
  • Maintenance of on load, off load release hooks
  • Free fall davits
  • Gravity hinge davits

Your safety is our priority

From efficiency to technical expertise we demonstrate a quest for excellence and quality within the challenging world of survival equipment.

Scope of service includes
  • Annual inspections
  • 5 yearly overhauls
  • Dynamic winch brake testing
  • GRP repairs
  • Refurbishing of interior and exterior
  • Pressure testing / overhaul of air supply cylinders
  • Load testing


Our multi-skilled technicians ensure that we deliver a cost-effective service offering to all our clients.

We cover a wide range of safety products, services and systems. All of our work is undertaken in accordance with the latest approvals, certifications and OEM requirements.

Our extensive network ensures that we can deliver products and services in a location convenient to you.


Approved agents

Fassmer Germany | Gemini | Sekigahara | Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary | Jiangsu Jiaoyan | Jiangyin Neptune | Jiangyin Wolong | Jiangyinshi Beihai | Oriental | Vest Davit | Zodiac Ribo | Maritime Partner

Approved accreditations

ABS | BV | NKK | DNVGL | Lloyds | Rina

Life rafts

Stay afloat

At NovaMarine we care about your safety at sea. When you purchase a life raft from us, you benefit from a relationship that will provide you with access to regular services, advice as well as high-quality safety equipment.

Our life raft division is equipped with all of the necessary equipment to service and repair a large variety of commercial and leisure life rafts, life jackets and immersion suits. Testing is undertaken in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and to international SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations and standards.

NovaMarine currently operates life raft service stations in Cape Town and Durban where our technicians are renowned for their high standard of workmanship and reliability to assure your safety. For your convenience we can collect and deliver your life rafts, life jackets and immersion suits to and from your vessel.

With the understanding that your life raft is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on board your vessel, we take our role in caring for your equipment very seriously and always ensure that the highest standards are met when attending to any of your safety equipment. We put your equipment through rigorous testing and ensure that services are done to the highest standards and expectations.

Our workshops are equipped with their own crane facilities.

Saving Lives

The following servicing can
be carried out at our facilities

  • Davit test
  • Nap test
  • Gas test
  • Floor seam test
  • Replacement of all Timex items
  • Hydrostatic release supply
  • Inflatable life jacket inspections
  • Rigid life jackets, Immersion suits
  • All documentation including customs and certification

Excellence, nothing less

Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with your safety needs. We are focussed and dedicated to service excellence.

Superior choice


Life rafts save lives, but they need to be regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s specified intervals.

Keeping your life raft serviced correctly provides peace of mind that it will function correctly when you really need it to.

Life rafts

Approved agents

Arimar | Youlong | Chinese Youlong | Crewsaver | Lifeguard Forties | Immersion Suits | Aquatic Immersion Suits

Approved accreditations

ABS | BV | NKK | DNVGL | Lloyds | Rina | Russian Maritime | SAMSA

NovaMarine accreditations

Providing the best

View our complete Tcertified Due Diligence report here.

We have robust in house anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and insist on transparency in all our dealings. We are TRACE certified.

  • Across the board transparency
  • Constant lines of communication
  • Complete support & documentation

NovaMarine is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards.

We have maintained this certification, without lapse.  We are continually improving our quality processes and procedures to adapt to our customers’ needs.

NovaMarine is a B-BBEE Level 2 Contributor.

NovaMarine is a B-BBEE Level 2 Contributor.

Our belief in BEE awareness, training and development is our driving force to empower the nation.

The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) is a formal process of assessing and recognising whether a conformity assessment body that offers services is competent to provide such services.

NovaMarine’s fire station is SANAS accredited which allows for high pressure testing and inspections.