Lifejacket XZO

Inflatable lifejacket and work vest is extremely comfortable for all day wear.

It is fast and easy to put on, has a single-hand-operated release buckle for easy adjustment and perfect fit and a 150 N buoyancy chamber with manual or automatic inflation.



Inflatable life jacket viking 150N

Highly versatile lifejacket with excellent turning capabilities and a high face freeboard. The viking YouSafe™ Multi holds multiple approvals (SOLAS/USCG/TC), making it a perfect solution for operators who want to implement a globally uniform safety standard and streamline their equipment portfolio.

The lifejacket has a back panel that provides extra comfort, and a side entry, which ensures easy donning. It has an integrated donning instruction printed on the panel. The lifejacket is equipped with a crotch strap to ensure proper fit and performance after impact with water. The waist belt is 175 cm according to MSC.200 regulations ensuring one-size fits all for both universal and oversize crew and passengers (above 43 kg)

Key features

Low profile front panels for good field of vision, increased mobility and easier liferaft entry
Back panel for comfortable fit and side entry for easy donning and doffing
Whistle, buddy line, lifting hand grip and optional emergency light
Cover material: PU coated polyester, 140 g/m²
Multiple approvals including: SOLAS 96/98/EC, IMO MSC-81 (70), MSC-200 (80) and MSC-207 (81), United States Coast Guard (USCG Type I) and Transport Canada (TC)
Please contact for option to print, i.e. ”name of vessel, cabin number, Adult”, price may vary

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